The state of parental involvement and parental participation in the Netherlands

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Better Together; Family, School and community partnership in urban context

Parental involvement and parental participation
Frederik Smit gives a workshop on the state of parental involvement and parental participation in the Netherlands.

The offering of opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children has been found to exert a positive influence on the cognitive development and achievement of pupils. Parental participation is also often considered one of the most important components or characteristics of effective schools. In addition to the positive effects of parental participation on the school achievement of children, positive effects on the social functioning of pupils have also been found in various studies. This involves aspects of the behaviour of pupils, their motivation, social competence, the relations between teachers and pupils, and the relations among the pupils themselves.

Recent research points to large differences in the manner in which and extent to which parents are involved in the education of their children in the Netherlands.

• What is the state of parental involvement and parental participation in the Netherlands?
• What can we learn form studies into the functioning of the parental involvement policies in primary and secondary schools in Rotterdam and The Hague?
• What are successful policies and procedures that support schools and parents in creating partnerships?

Where? Conference center Engels, Rotterdam
When? on October 12, 2016.

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